Sunday, November 23, 2014

"The" Crib

In 1982, pregnant with our first child, my Hubby & I bought a Jenny Lind-style crib. I loved the simplicity of it and the vintage charm it possessed. We were newlyweds, didn't have extra money, and the crib was probably beyond our budget.  But we put it on layaway (remember those days?) and saved for it. Our son  and daughter both used it, we just changed the bed linens. Once they outgrew it, it went up in the attic.  My sister had twin boys in 1988 so down the crib came for their use.  After that the crib stayed in a corner of the attic, with the intention of being used for grandchildren at Nana & Papa's house someday. In 2010, while pregnant with her daughter, my daughter said she would like to use the crib.  So, down from the attic it came once more! It was reincarnated as a white crib for our granddaughter's use. When she was done with it my son told his sister that he wanted to have the crib, he and his wife were hoping to start a family soon.  Now it's 2014 and our first grandson will soon sleep in the same crib that his father once did 32 years ago. Another reincarnation of the crib has taken place as my daughter-in-love's father painted it to her specifications.

My sister told me the other day that this is a well-loved crib. I agree but also add that the occupants of the crib are well-loved, too!

The crib may not be an antique, may not have monetary value, but, to our family, it is priceless!
Jared - 1982

Our cat, Krisha (who lived to be 21), loved the crib, too!

Jenna - 1986
Waiting for Avery - 2010

Waiting for Jacob - due date 12/24/14.

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  1. It is still a lovely crib, looking very up- to- date waiting for little Jacob.