Sunday, May 12, 2013

Craft Room

I’ve sewn since I was young, pre-junior high days.  My Grandma was a wonderful seamstress and my Mom isn’t half bad herself! In high school I sewed a lot of my own clothes, especially pants (remember bell bottoms and hip-huggers?) as it was hard for me to buy pants long enough for my 5’10” frame. Once I had children I sewed dresses, doll clothes, Halloween costumes and a few outfits for me every now and then.   The only place for my sewing machine was a corner in my bedroom.  I couldn’t sew at night with my Hubby trying to sleep, couldn’t supervise the kids playing outside so, gradually, my sewing projects became few and far between. I eventually gave away my sewing machine cabinet and the sewing machine got relegated to a shelf in the closet.

Three years ago my daughter bought a house and wanted black toile curtains for her kitchen window. She was on a budget, we couldn’t find any that she liked and could afford.  One day I told her “I think I can remember how to make curtains!” So we bought fabric and I grabbed my trusty Singer out of the closet! The curtains were a success and I discovered how much I had missed sewing.  

My first venture back into sewing! Of course they look better in the kitchen window than hanging from my cabinets!
I went back to the fabric store that same night and bought fabric, then made my granddaughter a dress (wow, did my back hurt after that marathon sewing session!)  Soon, fabric was coming home on a regular basis! It was a hassle, however, to get my sewing things out of the closet, having my sewing supplies stored here, there and everywhere, having to set things up on the dining room table then put them away  again. This was also true for any other craft project I started. I had no set place to organize and store things and no set place to be able to work.

One day my Hubby told me “why don’t you make our son’s room (he’s married, won’t be coming back home!) into a craft room?” My first response was no but the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  Soon I was at Home Depot ordering cabinets & countertops, having an electrician put in counter-top outlets and canned lighting over the workspaces, removing the carpet and having wood floors installed! 
Looking into the room from the hallway at my sewing area.
Second work station.
Cutting table (along with Harley, his bed & toys!)


Ribbon storage.

Marking pen storage.

I’ve had my craft room for a year now and haven’t found anything I would change in its design.  I have two workstations; one that I keep my sewing machine at, the second for other crafts.  I have tons of storage, a cutting/work table, bar stools for the granddaughters to sit at while we craft. If I want to sew or craft, for even a few minutes, I can come in, sit down, leave the mess when done and close the door on my way out! My Hubby has his “man cave” in the garage, I have my “woman cave” inside!

Join in at Metamorphosis Monday to see many more changes!


  1. I love your sewing & craft room. It's so streamlined and organized with a place for everything.

  2. What a great room. Love all the storage and work space and so pretty. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party this afternoon. Hugs, Marty

  3. What a great space you've created!!! I have the same MS table as my sewing table in the green color. And don't you wonder sometime why it took so long to claim a space for your own!!! Enjoy!!!

  4. It looks lovely! It's so wonderful to have your own dedicated space. I refer to mine as the "Momma-Cave," and I can't wait to get in there every single day! So happy for you that you now have a place for your passions to run wild!

  5. It is beautiful, and most everything is put away and out of sight so it even feels serene! I love your sewing machine cover with the ruffle, I might have to borrow that idea! My sewing machine is just hiding under a table runner that I have draped over it!

  6. I love your ribbon storage! Is that something you bought (if so, do you remember where?) or did you make it?

    1. A friend made the ribbon storage shelf for me from instructions I found here: