Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stitch 'n Bitch

I first began cross stitching when I was home on maternity leave with my son...30 years now. I find it very relaxing, I can unwind from a busy day with the repetitive motion of making cross stitches while also creating something beautiful. I always travel with my latest project, what little television I watch is done while stitching. I'm not very prolific, only get a few projects done a year. Perhaps if I didn't have so many other hobbies I would be more productive! So many projects, so little time!  That's ok, it's not a race (I even take my cross stitching to my drag races, stitching while waiting for my next run!)

About 10 years ago a group of 5-6 women began meeting 2-3 times a month.  I nicknamed our gatherings "Stitch 'n Bitch".  It really should be "Stitch, Bitch & Eat" because we do all three! We sit and work on our latest projects, whether it be cross stitching, appliquing a quilt top, knitting or crocheting. We usually have lunch together, each of us bringing something. Often we will share a pot of tea or two after lunch. It's nice to get together with other women who share a love of handwork.

Kathy's sampler.

Linda's appliqued quilt blocks.
I made dessert this week, making a favorite of ours from Martha Stewart, Meyer Lemon Crepe Cake . It's 15 alternating layers of crepes and lemon curd cream. Though not a difficult recipe it does take some time as both the crepe batter and lemon curd cream need to be made ahead of time. You can use your favorite crepe recipe or Martha's recipe.  The lemon curd cream has a little gelatin added to it which, in my opinion, is needed to give the curd a little more substance so that the crepe layers don't slide off! If you are a fan of lemon curd (and I am!), you will love this recipe. My husband got the leftovers and told me I should make it more often!
I kicked it up a notch by topping each cake slice with some sweetened strawberries. See all the layers?
And my latest cross stitch project? I started this back in January but the grueling demands of Tax Season 2013 kept me away from my thread and needle. I've barely got one flower done, in what will be many flowers and a hummingbird.
I'm linking up to Foodie Friday! Be sure to check out the other great recipes posted there!


  1. My daughter would love that cake...she is all about LEMON!!!

  2. I bet you really have fun, and the lemons so good also.