Saturday, May 4, 2013

Strawberry Jam

My three granddaughters love strawberry jam.  They tell me that Nana's jam is better than the store jam.  I think that is a compliment? Last year I made 36 jars of strawberry jam for them and they were out by  fall.  So I decided this year I needed to make more and start early!  We live in the central California valley, farm land all around us.  We are blessed to be able to buy fresh fruit from local farm stands and farmers' markets on a daily basis.  My favorite strawberry patch is located 2 miles from me.  I get there early in the morning and the farmers are still out picking.  These berries are literally just-picked!

My Grandma McGee taught me how to can and make jams & jellies. I remember her pantry was always filled with her canned goods.  As a young bride she taught me how to can peaches, apricots, applesauce and other goodies. I rarely can fruit anymore but I make jams & jellies all year long. I find the process very relaxing, love the finished products and always think of Grandma as I'm working.

I have a few modern conveniences that Grandma didn't have that makes the jam-making process a little easier; a food processor for slicing, a strawberry huller and air conditioning!

I'm not a pectin "purist", I use Sure-Jell pectin. It makes a consistent jam and is a lot easier than making my own pectin. Grandma told me stories of having to make pectin for certain fruits and how it added to the labor. She said when she "discovered" Sure-Jell and other pectin products she was so thrilled!

So, even though I have a few shortcuts that Grandma didn't, one thing hasn't changed with jam-making... the mess!

 I got two batches of jam done today. Strawberry jam...from Nana's kitchen...made with love.

Strawberries are in season!  I'm joining Seasonal Sundays at The Tablescaper. 


  1. Julie, I LOVE your Blog and look forward to checking in here frequently.

  2. Looks great, Julie and will continue to "check it out" frequently as Regina said!

  3. Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to following it. I will definitely add you to my blog list.