Monday, November 10, 2014

A Pumpkin Pot and Pumpkin Rolls!

Belonging to a food board community can be both dangerous and good.  Foodies tend to be on top of the newest dishes, cooking utensils and, of course, great recipes.  It takes restraint to not buy everything that is being brought to our attention. Sometimes, however, a girl just can't resist.  Such was the case with this Staub pumpkin pot.  Becky (who passed away a few years ago, much too young) is the one who first found this pot and informed the rest of us.  Little by little, many of us got one. Sadly, I admit I caved right away.  Is it possible to love a pot?  Because I'm very fond of this one!  Every October it comes out of the upper storage cabinet and takes center position on my cooktop.  All through fall I use it for soups, stews and other braised dishes. Though it wasn't inexpensive, it's very heavy and well-made, this pot will outlast me.  It may be the only inheritance my kids get! 
On this evening the pot held Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup. To serve with the soup I made a batch of pumpkin rolls. 
I first spotted this bread recipe on Pinterest last year and pinned it to one of my boards. I thought they were so cute! Like many of my pins on Pinterest I forgot about it.  A food board friend, Martha, made these a few weeks back and I was reminded of the recipe. She gave it rave reviews so I knew I had to make them.  We loved them.  They have a slight pumpkin flavor, not overpowering, kind of sweet.  They were excellent with the soup and would be a wonderful accompaniment to any fall dinner.  They can be served with cinnamon butter, it takes the rolls from ordinary to over-the-top.
To give credit to the original poster of this recipe I direct you to the recipe here.  Her pictures of the various recipe steps are very helpful.

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  1. Julie -- aren't those fun rolls? And they taste really good as well! And they are so darned cute! Love October/November pumpkins!

  2. Martha, yes, we enjoyed them a lot. And they are darling! Thanks for reminding me about these!