Monday, November 9, 2015

Pocket Mattress Runner

Something they want, Something they need,
Something to wear, Something to read.

Last year I ran across this gift giving guide and immediately implemented it in regards to Christmas shopping for my grandchildren.  Having a theme kept me very focused with my shopping and, as they were all getting similar items, I avoided (hopefully!) jealousy issues between the kids. I’m doing the same this year.

For the “something to read” gift, this year the granddaughters are getting a package with a Barnes & Noble gift card, a new book for their reading level, and a small clip-on reading light. In addition, I made each of them a pocket mattress runner.  The pocketed runner goes between the two mattresses and hangs down the side of the bed.  They can keep their current reading book there, a small stuffed animal, diary, etc.

To make the runners (my girls have twin-size beds), I cut felt 55” long and 15” wide.  I appliqued a flower on one end and folded up 8”, then stitched closed with a ¼" seam. To add a little more decoration, I used my pinking shears along the cut edges.  I wish I would’ve added some rick rack across the top of the pocket, but too late for that now! An additional pocket could easily be placed on top of the big pocket so there are two places to stash things.

They didn’t take long to make and will be a cute addition to their Christmas gift!  Felt is inexpensive so these weren't costly to make.  If the girls end up using them a lot (felt isn't the most durable fabric!), I will make the next ones with some quilted fabric and bind the edges.

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