Monday, November 23, 2015

Kraft Paper Wrapping

I don't like a lot of clutter.  That applies in my decorating and in my storage arrangements. One place I've eliminated clutter is with wrapping paper and supplies. It used to be I was always buying wrapping paper or bags for each kind of gift.  That gets expensive (gift bags aren't cheap!), I'm running to the store at the last minute, and then I'm stuck with half a roll of paper that I may never use again.  Now I apply my Christmas wrapping philosophy to every occasion of gift wrapping. The only kind of wrapping paper I keep on hand is basic brown kraft paper.   Probably 99% of my gifts are wrapped in plain kraft paper or in kraft bags.  I personalize them for the specific occasion with various ribbons, doilies, and other add-ons.  This method saves me space in the closet as I'm only storing a few things and makes wrapping a no-brainer process.  It works for me!

Pinterest (don't you just love Pinterest?) has a lot of gift wrapping ideas for inspiration. I found the idea for this gift there.  I always have paper doilies on hand, both for gifts and for baking presentation.  Folding the doily, adding a sprig of rosemary, and a small stamped-label makes for a cute gift.

This gift was for a 5-year old celebrating her birthday.  Again, a simple doily and a basic pink ribbon and you instantly know the present is for a girl. Using a doily stamp makes for a cute tag and eliminates having to buy a card.

Adding a football ribbon gives a masculine touch to this gift.
I keep a supply of ribbon and twine on this wall organizer, but rolls of ribbon are easily stored in plastic boxes.  I usually stock up when I find a sale.
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