Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fresno Fig Burger

My son and his family lived in Bakersfield until just recently (they've moved back "home"; my 8-month old grandson now resides in the town I live in!) Ok, I got sidetracked with that happy news! On many visits to see them we have gone to a restaurant called Eureka Burger. Though they have a varied menu, I've yet to order anything other than their Fresno Fig Burger.  A ground beef patty, topped with melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato and arugula encased in a bun spread with stone-ground mustard and fig jam. Sounds strange but it is amazing!
See the fig jam peeking through?
 I made a batch of fig jam a few weeks ago so set about recreating the burger. The only ingredient I omitted was arugula, I could only find a bulk package and knew I wouldn't use the excess.  Well, pat myself on the back, but the burger was fantastic! Each bite has some sweet jam, smoky bacon, creamy cheese. It's soooooo good!
Thank you to my friends, John and Susan, for the wonderful figs!
Eureka Burger serves honey-drizzled and cinnamon-sprinkled sweet potato fries with their burgers so I did the same.  Yummy!
If my kids crave this burger I now feel confident that they can drive across town for a great tasting replica!

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