Sunday, August 2, 2015

Attack of the Watermelon Plant!

Back in late May, while shopping at the nursery with my youngest granddaughter, she spotted a watermelon plant and instantly wanted to get it.  The girl loves watermelon.  So, the urban farmer that I am, bought the plant thinking I had just the spot for it.  Clearly my agricultural knowledge is limited.  I had no idea how much space a watermelon plant takes!  This plant has taken over the space behind our pool.  Each morning I have to remove it from the patio areas as it seems to grow a foot or two each night!  It's growing up other plants, the bench, anything it can attach to! I think if I stood still for 5 minutes it would start growing up me! It's like a science fiction movie!  So far, all we have gotten from the plant are two small in-process watermelons.  We see signs that more are forming so we may get more.  My granddaughter thinks it's hilarious, she loves to go looking for a new watermelon (they are hard to find, they blend in with the vines so well!)  So, all is good, it's been a fun gardening experience for us!  Next summer I think we will stick to buying our watermelons, however, we don't have enough space for this type of gardening!

From this (yes, we garden in our pj's!)
To this!


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