Sunday, August 23, 2015

Birthday Pool Party!

Summer birthdays in my family traditionally revolve around our pool.  The kids don't get bored, the older generations have time to chat, and clean-up is a breeze; we just throw away the garbage and get out the hose! Our youngest granddaughter is turning 5 in a few days. Nana & Papa's backyard was, once again, called in to service.  No complaints from me, I love hosting a party!

My daughter found cute invitations and other printables on Etsy.  These are so convenient and inexpensive, you pay a small fee (usually $7-10) and get an electronic file modified with your details.  The paper products can be printed at home or at a local office supply/printing store.

We filled the pool with beach balls, had a stock of foam squirt guns at the ready. We have an inflatable water slide for such occasions so Papa got out the air compressor and filled it up.  We made "goody bags" out of sand buckets, filling them with fruit roll-ups, Goldfish crackers, sunglasses, flip flop shaped bubble decanters, and candy. Beach ball sugar cookies were our thank you gift to our guests.


One of my favorite things was a photo booth we set up.  Again, we turned to Etsy and got printable photo props such as sunglasses, snorkel gear, watermelon, etc. My daughter glued them to chopsticks for easy handling. So fun!
Instead of birthday cake we made ice cream cone cupcakes. They were decorated to look as if the little graham cracker bears were enjoying time in the pool.
The best part of the party was watching the kids enjoy themselves. Nothing fills my heart more with joy than the sound of children laughing and playing. All four of my grandchildren were in attendance, as well as some of the birthday girl's friends. I jumped in and joined the squirt gun battle!
 All the activity wore the birthday girl out! I can't believe she's turning 5!

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