Sunday, October 26, 2014

Stitching for Jakey!

Ever since I knew we were getting another grandchild, and that it would be a boy, I've been sewing and cross stitching. Making things for a little boy has been a new adventure for me, we have three granddaughters.  Since their births I've been sewing dresses and ballet bags, using a lot of pink. But I can adapt easily and have managed to do some cute things for our little guy.

My son is a big New England Patriots fan. Now our family has always been into football but we've always been San Francisco Forty-Niners fans. Our Sundays revolve around football. My son fell in love with Drew Bledsoe and the Patriots in the 90's and he hasn't looked back. I can roll with it, at least it's not the Dallas Cowboys! I made Jakey this little blanket out of brown minky material, very soft and cuddly.  The other side has Patriots fabric.
I sewed a few bibs.  My daughter-in-love is a school teacher so a few of the fabrics were a nod to her profession.  The jeans bib was made out of a pair of old jeans I still had hanging in the closet (I hate clothes shopping, as a result I wear my clothes for a long time!) I have a picture of me wearing them, the first weekend I had them, at a race in Canada that my son was also driving at.  He had a very hairy ride on one run, doing a big wheelstand and getting out-of-shape.  It was an anxious moment for his mom. I guess there was a reason I was saving the jeans all these years, now little Jakey has a bib from them!
I first learned to do counted cross stitch when I was pregnant with my son. Over the years, I've stitched at sports and dance practices, racetracks, in the front yard while the kids rode their bikes. I always have a project in process and it always travels with me. This stitched piece didn't take long to do and I hope it's something that Jakey will always have to remember his Nana by.  The buttons used on the piece came from my Grandma's button box, which my Mom has.
There is one more baby shower to honor my daughter-in-love, to be held in two weeks.  Its theme is Mickey Mouse. I'm sure you can imagine the type of fabric that has been flying around in my craft room lately!

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  1. Julie, you are so incredibly talented Martha Stewart has nothing on you! Jan