Friday, October 24, 2014

Autumn in the Courtyard

We've lived in our home 30 years now. When we moved in, there was a small front courtyard, behind a mid-length wooden fence. The courtyard was filled with grass.  The weekend we moved in I told my Hubbers I wanted a brick courtyard someday. Over the years we replaced the wooden fence with brick and added brick columns to the house. We added brick flower beds to the front lawn area. When we remodeled our home seven years ago we were able to brick the front porch. But the demands of a growing family kept pushing the brick courtyard to the back burner; things like braces, Catholic school tuition, cars, college, law school, weddings, grandchildren, etc. Three years ago it was finally the right time and our courtyard was built. We added some flower bed borders inside the courtyard area and a water fountain in the center. I love, love, love this space!  I spend many an early evening in this special place; reading, stitching, watching the birds in the water or at the feeders, chatting with neighbors out walking their dogs, or sharing a glass of wine with my Hubbers.
I especially enjoy the courtyard in the fall.  The temperatures are cooler, which makes sitting out here more pleasant. I plant fall and winter annuals with their bright colors and the smiling faces of the pansies. I supplement with colorful pumpkins and gourds. All these colors seem to "pop" against the warm red of the brick.

It took a lot of patience as I waited until it was time to get the courtyard bricked but it was well worth it. Besides my kitchen and craft room this is my favorite spot in our home!

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