Thursday, October 16, 2014

Drag Racing Baby Buggies!

My son and daughter-in-law are expecting a son in December, our first grandson. The moment I knew it was a boy (I got to be in the room for the sonogram!) I knew my baby shower theme would revolve around drag racing. My Dad is a drag racer, I've driven for 20 years, my son is a third-generation driver.  It's a little too early to know if this baby will be a fourth-generation driver but it's safe to say he will grow up attending a lot of races. Drag racing runs in my family's blood!

I've been planning and crafting for a few months now.  All this week I've had tasks lined up, trying to keep to my schedule so all will be ready on Saturday. I enjoy the process of planning and implementing a party, it satisfies the creative side of me. 

The invitations went out a month ago.
The sugar cookie gifts are ready to go.  We'll be drag racing baby buggies at this shower!
I tried to make the back tires look like racing slicks, not sure I succeeded.  Oh, well!

First to the finish line wins!

"Papa, pop a wheelie" was one of the things my young son would tell my dad!

Waiting for the tree!


  1. do you have a template or wher edid you find the invitation ?

    1. I had them designed by a vendor on Etsy, I don't recall which shop.