Friday, February 28, 2014

Hull Pottery

For as long as I can remember my Mom had this Hull pottery vase.  She says that as long as she can remember her mom had it before her.  I have no real history on how or when the vase was acquired. I'm 57 and I'm pretty sure the vase came before me! My most vivid recollection of it is it would always show up in early spring, Mom would fill the vase with the first of the blooming lilacs. I've always loved the vase.
A number of years ago she gave the vase to me and I began looking into the origin of Hull pottery. The Hull Pottery Company began in 1905 in Ohio and its early lines were mostly common utilitarian stoneware. Over the years they enjoyed an excellent reputation and expanded throughout the Midwest and east coast.  In the 1920's they began to also produce a line of art pottery, using more colors and glazing techniques. In the mid-1980's the company was hit with union issues and foreign competition, eventually ceasing operations.

Most of the pottery was sold in dime stores and it was common to have a plant or flower bouquet delivered from a florist in a Hull container. Perhaps this is how Grandma got hers. The pottery was not a high-end item but is now becoming a coveted collectible.

Over the years I've acquired some more Hull pottery, usually as I was antique browsing. I keep them displayed in an entry way cabinet but I do use them (I think "pretties" should be used, not packed away!")
I used them a few years ago in my Christmas tea table settings.


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