Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's Blossom Time!

One of the advantages of living in the central California valley is the quantity, quality and variety of fresh produce we are surrounded by.  From April to November we are able to buy farm-fresh produce at roadside farm stands and in-town farmers markets. Friends and relatives give us the overflow from their gardens.  Strawberries, boysenberries, apricots, peaches, melons, tomatoes, corn, walnuts, almonds and on and on.  It seems everything grows here!  A secondary advantage of all this fresh produce is the blossoms in the spring. In February the almonds begin to bloom. It's a wondrous site to drive around and see rows of white blossomed trees.  If you dare get close enough you will hear the buzzing of bees; the bees love the blossoms and they are needed to pollinate the trees. Our winters are pretty mild but we still look forward to spring. The blossoming of the almond trees signals the beginning of that season.  Soon the stone fruit trees will be blooming and another season of nature's bounty will begin!

My sister is an amazing amateur photographer.  She can see the simplest things and turn it into a photo of beauty.  I love these pictures she took in various valley orchards.  Enjoy!

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