Sunday, March 16, 2014

Springing Forward

Though my Northeast and Midwest friends have had a brutal winter, we've had a very mild winter in California.  I may have worn a coat a dozen times this year. The bad part of this mild weather is we are way behind on rainfall, for two or three seasons now.  The reservoirs are low and farmers are wondering if there will be enough water for their crops. The good part is spring is already hitting our area, we had temps in the 80's the last few days. Now that we are on daylight savings time again it's still light when I get home from work.  I find it relaxing to come home and play in the dirt a little, water plants, feed the birds.  It's very therapeutic to enjoy Mother Nature's beauty. Only another month of tax season and I'll be outside on a regular basis! Tonight I did find time to enjoy some of spring's awakening in my garden.

The fuchsia is almost ready to bloom!

The azalea from my Grandma's funeral.  Each year when it blooms I think of her.

The real hummingbirds fly so fast I can hardly photograph them!  This little guy was a gift from my Aunt June.

Crimson honeysuckle.  The hummers love this!

An apple blossom in formation.

Snapdragons make me smile.

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  1. Beautiful blooms, Julie! I especially love the azalea because when we lived in Monterey, they'd never bloom for us!

    Must be your grandmother's love for you that causes it to bloom so nicely!