Saturday, March 29, 2014

Disney Treats!

Anytime you visit Disneyland or Disney World you can't help but notice how smoothly the Disney creative staff incorporates the Mickey Mouse ears image in everything. They obviously know their subliminal marketing stuff! As a foodie type person I'm especially enthralled with their creative use of the mouse image in sweet treats. Most are just simple things like cookies or Rice Krispies treats, just cut out or molded into the Mickey Mouse head shape or chocolate-covered in the trademark red and yellow colors. I am especially enamored with the candy apples and spent a lot of time at the candy shop window watching the workers create them.  A piece of marshmallow is all it takes to make the ears.  How easy is that?!!

Here are some of the creative (and yummy!) treats we ran across while in Disneyland a few months back.  This summer I will be attempting to make some of my own.  I know three little girls who will love them!

Yes, Granddaughter #3 wanted, and got, this treat!

My favorite Disney treat, beignets at Cafe Orleans!

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