Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What Would Grandma Do?

I first began sewing when I was a young girl, starting with Barbie doll outfits (why I started with them is beyond me, all those teeny, tiny pieces of fabric!) Mom & Grandma led the way in teaching me but Grandma was the taskmaster. Mom & I would practically quake in our shoes any time we gave her an item to inspect.  Grandma was an excellent seamstress and a sewing perfectionist. What I thought was a decent job wasn't to her and she would tell me to rip it out and start over. It was a happy day when I didn't have to rip anything out, that was praise enough! Of course, over the years, Grandma's lessons have stuck with me.  Now when I sew I look at my piece and question if Grandma would approve.  If not, I usually end up ripping it out and starting over!
I'm working on a quilt, my second pieced quilt.  I have all 12 blocks done and sewn together, along with sashing.  Now I'm working on the outer border.  Twice I've messed up in measuring.  I ripped it out once and started over. I sewed it again and it's not quite right.  The impatient part of me says to leave it, no one would know but me.  But Grandma lives in my sewing conscience.  I'm ripping again! And I know she's proud.

Those of you that sew, know a seam ripper is one of the most used sewing tools! I always have mine close by!

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