Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mix 'n Match Table Setting

Having a plethora of dishes and linens allows me to create different table settings from the same rotating stock of supplies. Or so I tell myself. I do try to get things that can be interchangeable, it helps me justify my collecting habit. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
We entertained another couple for New Year's Eve.  The Christmas flowers were still looking pretty good so I wanted to coordinate the table around their red and white color.  I grabbed my recently acquired red plates that are from the Pioneer Woman's line at Wal Mart. I'm not ashamed to say I shop at Wal Mart!

The blue crocheted place mats, acquired last spring, brought out the blue in the salad plates (also Pioneer Woman). And last summer, while in Cambria, I spotted these April Cornell napkins and knew I'd use them sometime.  They were almost an identical match to the plates!
We had been having sunny days in California (we are now inundated with El Nino rainstorms!) and we had birds all over the backyard. So, a few birds on the dining table seemed fitting!
I think the red plates, blue placemats and a white salad plate will be fitting around the Fourth of July. My hubby will think I bought new dishes (again).  I can show him these pics as proof that I do use my dishes more than once!

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  1. LOVE your table, Julie. I cannot believe you found those napkins that so closely match the dinner plates. What a great "find". Your DH sounds like mine in that mine is always asking me, "Is that new?????" MEN!!!!! Everything pulled together beautifully.