Saturday, January 23, 2016

Craft Room "Tweaking"

Since designing my craft room a few years back, things have pretty much stayed as they first were. The last few months I've made a few changes and additions, all of which I love. 

The window overlooking my sewing machine is on the west side of the house. Our neighbor had a magnolia tree on their side that shaded this window in the afternoon.  I loved the shade, hated the messy tree.  It was pulled last fall.  No more mess, a lot more sun!  Previously, I had a sheer accordion shade here.  In order to not be blinded while sewing I had to keep the blind closed, which meant I couldn't see outside and I lost the natural light this window provides. There is a trumpet vine that grows on the trellis outside this window during the summer. It's so pretty and attracts hummingbirds, I hate to miss that view.  So the solution is a wood slatted blind.  When it's extra sunny I can adjust the blind so the sun is diverted upwards. If I want extra light I can pull the blind up.  This is going to work!
I recently chalk painted this antique oak cabinet.  It hung in our master bathroom for years before being relegated to storage about 10 years ago. My craft room is very colorful and the green adds a big pop of color on this wall.
My husband helped me put together this portable ironing board. I can keep it right by the sewing machine, eliminating having to get up and down to get to the regular ironing board. I can also take it in the RV or when sewing with friends. I'm learning to quilt and finding out there is a lot of pressing of little pieces, having this next to me has proven so handy! The rag quilt was made by my Grandma many, many years ago.  This is my dog's spot to rest when I'm playing in my room.
I previously shared how I chalk painted this antique dresser. Originally I was going to put a plush upholstered chair in this corner.  After working in my room for a few years I realized I wanted more storage and counter space, rather than a chair! I had a frame made that I also chalk painted and then made into a design board using core board and quilt batting. On it hangs the few quilt blocks I have learned to do!
Not planned for the room is this child's table and chair set. It was our daughter's when she was growing up and it's been in our attic for easily 20 years.  We brought it down last year and put it in our guest room, where the grandchildren have their toys and games. A few months back found our five-year old granddaughter dragging it into my craft room as she wanted to work where Nana did.  It's rather in my way but I wouldn't move it for anything!  We do a lot of projects in this room, mostly at my cutting table, but she likes to do things on her table, too! Her color books and crayons are always easy to get to, I keep them in a plastic carrier.

I've finished a cross stitch piece that will be displayed in here and am working on a banner to hang on one wall. This room is a bright, cheery space.  It is my happy place!


  1. Everything looks so cute and workable. I like it. My husband and I been married 44 years so we both are retired and busy doing crafts.
    Blessings Aways From
    Pamela in Ohio