Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bloom Sew Along

I've sewn since I was a little girl, following in my Grandma & Mom's footsteps.  First it was little Barbie outfits.  In high school I made a lot of my pants and my prom dress.  After I had children I made many Halloween costumes and dresses. I never imagined I would be making quilts.  

My friend, Bernice, first convinced me to try quilting by teaching me how to make a rag quilt.  Easy, not fussy, I liked it.  Then she moved me up to making a jelly roll quilt. Again, pretty easy, no cutting of little pieces. As I perused websites looking at fabric I begin to fall in love with many of the quilts.  I thought to myself that surely I can do this, I'm not stupid.  So, I jumped in headfirst and began making a country quilt with various blocks of different designs, such as a teapot, barn, milk pail.  That has been slow going; a lot of cutting itty bitty pieces of fabric, the holidays, a little travel. I've gotten bogged down, a time or two, and had to run to Bernice for rescue.  I've only completed 3 blocks of that quilt and I've jumped into another one.

Why? There is an online sew along to make a "Bloom" quilt.  Each week the instructor guides us through one block. It started this week and will go through the middle of June. At times I wonder if I'm a blooming (yes, that was a play on words!) idiot to start this as I'm also beginning another tax season. I don't have time to sew this time of year! What am I thinking?  I'm hoping I can do a little each night, that it will be something, besides numbers, to keep the stress at bay.  Time will tell how that goes but I have completed the first block! It's so cute!

Each of the 20 blocks on the quilt are appliqued using templates as a guide.  I spent 2 afternoons cutting out all the fabric so I would have that task behind me.  If all goes well my completed quilt will look like this. 
More information about the quilt and the sew along can be found on this website.

In the meantime my three farmhouse blocks are hanging on my design board, waiting.  I don't think I'll get any more work done on this quilt until after April 15!

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