Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Mickey Mouse First Birthday Party!

My daughter-in-love is a big Disney fan.  When she was pregnant she was given a Mickey Mouse-themed baby shower by her friends.  I made a Mickey rag quilt and Mickey labels that were used to chronicle each month of our grandson's first year. It was only natural that his first birthday party have a Mickey Mouse theme, too!
I saw a cake stand, similar to this, online over a year ago.  I looked everywhere for the source and couldn't find one.  My daughter-in-love's father is a great woodworker so I enlisted him to make this for me.  I suspect we will use it for many future gatherings and loan it out.  It is so cute and was the perfect centerpiece for the birthday cake!
I made the sugar cookies.  As I had eye surgery on the day I was doing cookies I knew I couldn't do the normal royal icing decorated ones, so sugar crystals had to do!
The party was in our home but our daughter-in-love did everything else; the cupcakes, Rice Kripies treats, candy coated pretzel sticks, popcorn, putting together the banners, table centerpieces, etc. She did a great job!

My favorite part was this display of our grandson's first year, wearing a white onesie and his month labels, sitting on his Mickey quilt.  Seeing the transition from a newborn to a one-year old just melts your heart!
The birthday boy got his first taste of sugar, he was very tentative about it, but enjoyed it. Happy first birthday, sweet Jakey!


  1. That cake stand is just too cute for words. OMG, grandma, you are just over the top and just having had eye surgery. You are a better woman than I. What an adorable birthday party.