Monday, January 26, 2015

"Let It Snow" Tea Party!

The females on my Dad's side of the family have been gathering for a tea party for nine years now.  Normally, we get together the Saturday after Thanksgiving weekend.  This year we had so many conflicts (granddaughters performing in the Nutcracker, grandson due to be born, work commitments), that we postponed our party to January. Details from last year's party is here: 2013.

I usually plan my theme pretty far in advance, it allows me to organize and craft things at a leisurely pace or buy things on sale. After last year's event I decided on a "Let It Snow" theme.  I bought Christmas ornaments and was going to decorate a snowflake tree in the dining room.  With the date change I had to switch things up a bit but the theme easily works in January, too!

This year we had 16 in attendance.  The oldest in attendance were in their late 70's, my 8-month old great-nephew was the youngest. I provide the setting, do the set-up and decorating, make the scones, lemon curd, jam, and provide the tea.  Everyone else brings a sweet or savory to share, some often bring one of each. We always have more food than we can eat.

My cousin, Robin, crocheted these mittens. After the tea, each guest got to take theirs home.  They have a little loop on them so can be hung on a Christmas tree as a remembrance of our day. They are just adorable!
I took a little twist with the kids' table and went with "Let It Go"! to honor the popular movie, Frozen. I told everyone ahead of time so the girls knew to wear their Anna & Elsa outfits. Olaf, was present on the cake!

I love hosting this event. We all have busy lives and this provides an opportunity to gather and enjoy each other's company.  It is my fervent wish that the following generations will carry on the tradition we are building. I would love to be in attendance at a family tea someday hosted by a granddaughter! Even if they don't carry on with this I hope that the memories made during our teas will bring fond memories of all the wonderful women in our family.

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  1. Just precious, making treasured memories with those you love.

  2. gosh, I got choked up with this post!

  3. It's a great tradition, huh?!!

  4. You are Amazing Julie, I'm thankful that the girls have you for thier Nana!

    1. Thank you, Ricky! I'm equally thankful that I'm their Nana. I love them so much!

  5. You are truly one amazing and talented Lady. This looks so awesome... Cyndi