Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday Nights

When my first-born was around six months old my Dad began picking him up on Friday nights. Saturday morning, on the way to work, he would be dropped off at our home again.  In between those hours, there were special meals, TV shows watched, popcorn and soda, and, mostly, a strong bond being formed between grandparents and grandson.  A few years later little sister arrived and she was included in Friday nights.  Some Friday nights they would both go.  Sometimes they would alternate.  This would continue until high school, when Friday nights became the night of playing football and cheerleading. My children enjoy a wonderful relationship with their grandparents and I know part of it is because of their Friday night tradition.
My husband and I have carried on the tradition. We have the youngest granddaughter almost every Friday.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to have one of the older granddaughters, too.  Recently, we had two for our overnight visit.  At ages 6 & 4, they can relate to each other quite well.  We went for a scooter ride/walk around the neighborhood, made cupcakes, watched a movie (Cars).  Papa made them a fort in the living room to sleep in.  The next morning I made Mickey Mouse pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. There was not one argument, just lots of playing, hugging and laughing.

My newest grandchild lives about four hours away.  Once he's a little older (and I get through tax season), I plan on spending one Friday night a month down south.  His parents can have a date night and I can have some special time with him.

I so look forward to Friday nights. I know that children grow up in a blink of an eye and there will come a time when my grandchildren's social life will take priority over spending time with their grandparents. In the meantime, this night of love and fun is one I greatly cherish.

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  1. Julie what a wonderful family tradition and one the children will remember always! Great idea.