Friday, June 20, 2014

I May Have Gotten Carried Away!

When we bought our house 30 years ago, there was a pool and a fire pit in the back yard.  The pool we use.  The fire pit, for us, was a waste.  Our summers are too warm to have a night fire and in the winter we want to be inside around a fire!  Many years ago we filled it with soil and I planted lantana in it.  A few years ago we decided to do some brick work in the back yard, including removing the fire pit, so we ripped out the lantana.  One chaotic thing after another ensued and the brick work still hasn't gotten to the drawing board. Last summer the fire pit was bare and it didn't look very good.  This year I decided to rectify that.  I bought a package of mixed seed, designed to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. 

I planted the seeds right after tax season ended.  At the time I remember thinking that if a little seed was good a lot would be better. I wanted a lot of color and visual interest for the area. As the plants started popping up and growing, my Hubbers would comment with things such as "do you think you have too much planted there?", etc.  Nah, it's all good, right?!! 

We now have a very densely populated and very tall patch of flowers, a lot of which are cosmos. We just came home from a week at the beach and I think the flowers grew over a foot in our absence! They are definitely attracting the birds, butterflies and bees.  I'm now getting comments from my Hubbers along the line of "I told you so".  Like I said before, it's all good, right?!!

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