Saturday, June 28, 2014

Footprint Art for the 4th!

I've been doing handprint and footprint art with my granddaughters for years now.  I wish something like Pinterest had existed when my children were young, all I have are a few school projects they brought home. It never occurred to me back then to make our own.

Among some of the things we've done is Halloween art....
Ballerina tutus...
Christmas trees...
This weekend I had my youngest granddaughter and we did a little something patriotic.
If you know me you know that I'm super fussy about my house.  Paint, and a 3 year old in my white kitchen is a big leap of faith for me! But, we have so much fun!  Tonight we had a few disasters.  The first go-round I put her foot the wrong way on the canvas so the blue part of the "flag" was upside down. Off to the store to buy more canvas.  It was getting bathtime when we did the rerun.  Rather than washing her foot off in the sink I carried her into the shower and told her to undress.  I turned around to grab a towel and she had stepped out of the shower to take her shorts off.  Blue & red paint all over my bathroom floor and throw rugs!  Luckily, everything washed out!

We let the "flags" dry overnight.  This morning we painted the grass and did a fireworks explosion using the tines of a fork.  Both were easy for her to do. I painted the lines and stars on the foot. The top of the flagpole is her little thumbprint.
I think one of the best things about doing artwork with the kids is the sense of pride and accomplishment they have in their finished pieces. Avery was quite excited to show her Daddy his picture!

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  1. Just adorable Julie and what a happy little girl. Our kids gave us a darling foot-heart for Valentine's day with the cooperation of a certain 1-year-old and we have it in the living room!