Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Glampers for Robin!

A glamper is a person who engages in the act of glamping. Glamping is a blending of the words glamorous and camping.  Basically, it's camping with many of the modern conveniences and amenities.  Personally, that's my way of camping, too.  If we don't have full hook-ups when we're out RV'ing then I'm definitely roughing it!!

My cousin, Robin, is refurbishing an old travel trailer and turning it into her own "glamper". She's very industrious and crafty so she is doing most of the work herself.  She's painted cabinets, put on new counter tops, refinished cushions, made curtains and pillows. I don't think she's taken her glamper out yet for a trip but I do know that she is enjoying the refurbishment process. For Christmas she even got a new awning!

I ran across this glamper pincushion tutorial a few months back and knew I needed to make it for Robin.  She sews and crochets so I knew it would be useful for her. When she can't be out on the road she can be reminded of her little glamper!

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