Monday, May 16, 2016

The Barn!

About 15 years ago, we bought some acreage in my hometown, about 20 miles from where we live now.  We wanted a little land, my husband wanted a shop building. So we met with an architect and began to set things in motion. But, we both found ourselves not being very enthused about the project and sat down one night to discuss.  We found out that we were pretty much on the same page.  Though the allure of having a large piece of land and the dreams of what it would all look like was nice, the reality wasn't so alluring.  At our age, we didn't want to be bogged down with such a huge financial responsibility, commuting to work wasn't appealing to us, and thinking about developing and maintaining eight acres to the standards we wanted was overwhelming.  We sold the land and remodeled our existing home.

We love our home, it has most everything we want and need.  We are blessed to be surrounded by wonderful neighbors.  We "only" have a two-car garage.  For most, that would probably be acceptable.  For a family with a race car, two motorhomes, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and nine bicycles...well, let's just say the garage gets crowded!  And that doesn't count gardening equipment, tool boxes, etc. ! My Hubbers loves to tinker in the garage and there was no room to do so!  While perusing Pinterest last winter I started looking at outdoor sheds, a place where we could store the gardening equipment and free up a little space in the garage. We contacted our contractor and made plans to proceed.  My only input was that I wanted it to look like a little barn and something that was architecturally pleasant.  One of our visions for the acreage we bought was a shop that looked like a barn. This is a much smaller version but I think we succeeded with the barn look!

The "barn" is nestled to the side of our house. It is only 4'x9' but that ends up being a lot of storage space. It now hides the view of all the swimming pool equipment, which is an added bonus! Prior to the barn being here, we had 2 chairs and a small table in the spot.  It was a nice shady place to sit in during the late afternoon but it wasn't used very often. The barn is a much better utilization of the space.

A barn isn't complete without a flag so we hung up a small wooden flag.  A galvanized wash bucket, planted with flowers, softens up the area a bit and adds to the ambience of the nearby porch.  I'm on the hunt for a few antique farm pieces to put out, too.
All our gardening items now fit in the barn.  The bikes are hung from the ceiling in the garage.  My Hubbers now has room to putz and putter!  We have a barn without the hassle of having to maintain all those acres of land!  It has all worked out!

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  1. I love the "barn" and what a great space for the gardening tools; it looks so organized. It always amazes me how much space gardening tools take up. I have been looking at sheds and storage boxes for a while but I haven't seen anything with a sliding door like yours - it's great. Love the flag, too.

    Keneth Parish @ Lion Land Marketing