Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Polka-Dotted Sugar Cookie Kind of Day!

My daughter-in-love asked that I make some star-shaped sugar cookies that she could give to her fellow teachers on the last day of school (can you believe school is out for the year?) Like most baking projects, if you're going to do "some" you might as well do "more", so I decided to make some cookies for my granddaughter to give to her teachers. I've been wanting to use this mason jar cookie cutter for a while; this was my day to do so.  I liked the polka-dotted effect so much that I continued with them on the stars. Sixty-some cookies later and a gazillion polka dots, I was left with a sore back and a messy kitchen!  And, somehow, I find this fun!

Photobombed by Harley's duck!

My piping skills aren't the best, but each time I do cookies I get better.  I should just get over the fact that my cookies won't ever look like the professional ones I see! But, they turned out cute and I got to release some creative juices!

The school colors of my daughter-in-love's school are red and white.  As this is Memorial Day weekend I went a little patriotic.  She made cute tags and bagged them for her staff.

If I've learned anything in my almost-60 years it's that organization pays dividends.  Last fall I organized all my cookie baking and decorating supplies so that things were easier for me to locate.  It took me 10 seconds to figure out what box the cookie cutters I needed were in!  Before I begin decorating the cookies I have the area organized with all the supplies and the icing in bags and bottles of the colors I'm using.  Once that's done I can devote my time strictly to decorating.  I don't have to take the time to make another color of icing, get out the sprinkles, etc. It works for me!

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