Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Trip to the Napa Valley!

My Hubbers and I no longer buy each other Christmas gifts.  We prefer to spend the money, time (and shopping stress!) on our children and grandchildren. After almost 34 years of marriage we don't need anything and, if we do, we usually buy it ourselves.  So we do little getaways instead.  It's a great way to reconnect, to get a day away from home.  A few weeks ago found us in Las Vegas seeing a concert.  We love to go to the Napa Valley so yesterday we made the two-hour trek to that area.
We have never been there so late in the year.  The vineyards, of course, are bare of leaves and fruit. Every now and then we would spy a persimmon tree, the orange globes very visible. All the wineries and shops were decked out in their finest holiday adornments.  Surprisingly, there was little traffic and few crowds.  Quite a contrast from the summer months! It rained the night before but we had blue skies, lots of sun, and just needed a lightweight jacket in order to stay warm. I think this may now be our favorite time of year to visit!

Christmas lights in persimmon trees; so pretty!
We did a little browsing along the main street of St. Helena, visited a few wineries, had a wonderful late lunch at Bottega. The scenery and the company were fantastic! Merry Christmas, Hubbers!

A lighted Christmas tree in one of the wine caves!



  1. Outstanding post Julie, I really enjoyed it. The lights in the trees looking down over the pond was gorgeous. Such a perfect Christmas present for the two of you. What did you have at Bottega? My DIL ate there once but didn't care for the food but she never said why. Loved this post.


    1. Carolyn, I love Bottega, one of my favorite places to go! I had Pokenta Under Glass, as an appetizer then ricotta gnocchi for main. For dessert I had a blood orange panna cotta. So yummy, I will be trying to make it soon!