Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas!

The shopping and wrapping are done, as is the decorating, the groceries have been shopped for.  Now it's time to cook, bake and cherish the moments spent with our family! I've been enjoying our home the last few days; the glow of the Christmas tree lights, my favorite ornaments hanging on the tree, the Nutcrackers standing at attention on our mantle, the Nativity set reminding me of what Christmas is all about.  Christmas music has been on every minute we're home (and in the car, too!) In a few days everything will be packed away for another year, I'm trying to enjoy every minute of the Christmas frivolity that I can.
We all have our favorite Christmas mementos, songs, and decorations, most of which revolve around special memories.  Such is the case with these little cardboard gnomes and figurines.  My Mom bought a set of these gnomes (she thinks at J C Penney) in the 1960's.  They are made of cardboard, and decorated with glitter, chenille, tinsel and small decorations. Little Santas, angels, gnomes, snowmen, they are only about 3 inches high. Every year she would make a house out of Rice Krispies, similar to a gingerbread house.  These little gnomes would surround the house.  I remember playing with them on so many occasions.  A few years ago Mom gave them to me.  She wasn't sure if I would want them or not, many are tattered and broke. A few are missing their base and have to be displayed in a glass. I jumped at the chance to have them! They, of all the Christmas decorations I have, remind me the most of my childhood. 

 They are too fragile to be kept on a tabletop so I display them each year in my china cabinet. Each time I see them I recall Mom making the little cereal houses and how we would help to decorate them. I remember very few gifts I received during my childhood but the memories of these little gnomes have stayed with me. Thanks, Mom, not only for gifting me these little guys, but for all the wonderful Christmas memories you helped to make for your family!
For the next three days we will have family in and out of our home, ranging in age from almost a year to 85. There will be good food, lots of calories, wrapping paper strewn everywhere and more memories made.  We will love every moment! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. My husband and I have been married 44 years. And like you had posted making memories is so important.
    Blessings Always
    Pamela in Ohio