Friday, September 25, 2015

Is It Really Fall?

According to the calendar, fall has arrived. According to the weather, it's still summer! Yikes, it's been warm! The only evidence of fall I see is in the plants and flowers; the summer plants are fading, the morning glory is turning yellow, we had to pull up the sunflowers and we have harvested the pomegranates.

As it's been so un-fallish I just couldn't get into the normal fall decorating with pumpkins, gourds, and harvest colors. In a few weeks I'll get there but not yet! In the meantime, to celebrate the transition from summer to fall, I did a little decorating with an apple theme. Apples and fall go hand-in-hand.

For the mantle I made a burlap banner, incorporating a bright red apple. I decorated a small grape vine wreath with some greenery and apples. An antique bucket, with some wooden apples, carries out the theme.

The dining room table is anchored by an apple print table runner.
My wooden dough bowl holds an assortment of apples from our espalier tree.
I had this wreath, the little green orbs remind me of green apples, so that's the vibe I'm hoping it gives off when people enter our front door!
Pumpkins are arriving in the stores, the pumpkin patches are getting ready to open.  Soon I'll join in and decorate with the more traditional fall/harvest colors. For now, we're living with apples!

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