Friday, July 11, 2014

Technology & Pregnancy

When I was having my babies in the early-80's, sonograms were a pretty new diagnostic tool.  A pregnant woman only had one if something unusual was happening.  I had easy pregnancies, never had a sonogram.  We didn't know our child's gender until birth. I had a few books that showed a fetus in various stages of development and always marveled at the progression.  But it was all a guess as to how my children were developing.

Now sonograms are a routine part of a woman's pre-natal care. My son and daughter-in-love are expecting a child in late December.  Yesterday her parents, sister and I joined the expectant couple for their first sonogram. This is the second time I've got to see a grandchild before birth, the first was with my youngest grandchild four years ago. It was an amazing experience then and it was amazing yesterday!  This physician has a sonogram room. There was no shortage of seating area in the room, the technician said it's quite common to have many family members observe this. The technician had a screen at the sonogram machine but there was also a big screen on the wall.  We were all able to watch as she went through the procedure. The baby was touching its face, moving all over the place (the technician said it was quite the dancer!) We heard a very strong heartbeat. It was very emotional,
we were all just overcome with how special this experience was, what a miracle we were witnessing.

Truly you have formed my inmost being; you knit me in my mother's womb. Psalms 139-13

It was especially emotional when the technician announced the gender.  We are having a boy!  It will be our first grandson.  My son and daughter-in-love are thrilled as they wanted a boy!
Baby shower plans are running through my head. I'm off to the fabric store later today as my fabric stash is mostly pink.  I need some blue!  The next five months will be spent with a lot of crafting, sewing and celebrations. So much fun!

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