Friday, July 25, 2014

Be Yourself

This cross-stitch piece came together in no time, very easy project, unlike the hummingbird piece that I'm still trying to finish (almost done)! Once framed, this will go in my craft room. I fell in love with the simple sentiment on this as I think it says a lot.  In my opinion, so many people are unhappy with their lives because they are always striving to keep up with others' perceived successes or they compare themselves to others.  We are all unique, we all have our own set of talents, we all have worth, we all have our own set of struggles.
 Embrace who you are. If you are happy with yourself, life becomes easier. Like others, I've had my moments of insecurities.
My non-racing friends don't understand my drag racing addiction.  I'm very domesticated, even old-fashioned, which is getting less and less common these days. I'm most happy at home, rather than out and about. I worry am I a good enough wife? Mother? Daughter? Accountant?
I've learned to not worry as much and I'm very comfortable with who I am. We are all one-of-a-kind.  Celebrate that, just be yourself! 

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