Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Procrastination 101

I'm normally a very organized person. I plan ahead, make to-do lists, have household routines and pretty much stay focused on what needs to be done (I even have a list of crafting projects I want to get done in 2014). 

However, when it comes to some of my crafting projects I tend to procrastinate on getting them done. I think this procrastination can be explained by two things; intimidation or dislike for a certain procedure.  If a certain procedure or technique in a project is something I've never done before or that looks too difficult I tend to put it off.  And if the procedure is something I'm not real fond of doing, that gets put off, too!  The end result is I end up with a few works-in-progress that take up space in my craft room and in my mind.

This past weekend I vowed to get through some of these projects.  My Hubbers was away on a bike adventure so I had five whole days to myself. No more excuses that I had chores to do or places to go. It was time to get things accomplished! As is usually the case,  once I got involved with things I found that it was easy to finish and I shake my head in disgust wondering why it took me so long to get to this point! I'm quite pleased with my progress as I have no more WIP's laying around my room! (I do, however, have plenty of unstarted projects!)

This cross stitch project has been moved around my craft room for 14 months now.  All it needed were the beads on top of the firecrackers. Doing bead work is not my favorite thing to do though I love the effect bead work has on a stitched piece.  Little needle, little beads, old eyes. It's a precarious combination. In about 30 minutes I had it done and it is now at the framing shop.
My youngest granddaughter will be four in September.  These cross-stitched pieces will make up a birth sampler for her.  It is done on perforated paper which threw me for a loop at first.  All it needed to be finished was to stitch her name and birth date in the blanket and cut out all the paper-stitched pieces. I set up shop in my living room chair, turned the TV on to the day's drag racing coverage and got it done. It, too, is now with the framer. The pieces will hang from a string clothesline, with little clothespins.  It's going to be adorable!
I started these strawberry pincushions before tax season overwhelmed me.  They sat next to my sewing machine for three months, just needed the leaves to be glued on and the flowers cut, beaded and glued on.  Took me no time to finish!
A year ago I bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint (Emperor Red) with plans of painting this living room table. I'm intimidated by the whole process even though I've read many tutorials and viewed many You Tube videos. My Hubbers will be going on another biking adventure in July.  I'm bound and determined that when he returns home this table will be red! As the little engine said, "I think I can, I think I can!"
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  1. Isn't it nice to get a few things done that you keep meaning to. I love the cross stitch, such a great piece. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

    1. Yes, Marty, I feel like I got so much done and it was really very little! Ha ha! Keep inspiring us with your blog, love it!