Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gardening Face Lift

This is the view from my kitchen window at the  sink area.  It overlooks the very edge of our lot.  It's a narrow area and adjacent to it is where the garbage cans are stored.  It's always been a challenge keeping this part of the yard attractive to look at while inside the house yet keep its utilitarian purpose.  It also doesn't help that our kitchen window is directly in line with our neighbor's bathroom windows!  Years ago Mark built the trellis and we planted a crimson honeysuckle vine.  It gives us and our neighbor some privacy and attracts a lot of birds, especially hummingbirds. The negative to the honeysuckle is the flower bed it is in is small and narrow.  The roots preclude me being able to plant bedding plants at its base.  So the top of the trellis was always colorful but the flower bed base left a lot to be desired.

I decided it was time for a face lift! I purchased some bird houses and put my Hubby to work setting them up (yes, he is a keeper). I added more soil to the flower bed then planted a few plants in pots.  They fill up the space nicely but don't have to compete with the honeysuckle roots. The changes have brought some architectural interest into the space, as well as some more color. I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink.  Now I have a little more to look at when I'm washing the never-ending pile of dishes!

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