Friday, January 3, 2014

This is Winter?

On a day when the northeast part of our country is socked in with rain, snow and frigid temps, we are enjoying almost spring-like conditions in the central California valley.  Except for about a week of freezing nights, we have had a very mild winter.  Alas, we've had no rain which is not a good thing. This is farm country and we need the rain and snow to fill up the reservoirs and provide irrigation water this summer.  We'll soon be doing rain dances out here if we don't get rain soon!

On this mid-60 degree day I got a lot of yard work done.  I weeded, pruned, pulled out dead perennials, refilled the hummingbird feeders (I have birds all year long) and worked up a sweat! I will go into my busy tax season schedule with my yard in pretty good condition, which means less catch-up after April 15! California has its share of problems but you can't beat the weather!

Only 169 days until summer!

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