Thursday, January 23, 2014

Football and Stitching! What Could Be Better?

Well, the Niners being in the Super Bowl would make it better but that's not meant to be this year! Darn!

I tend to get a lot of cross stitching done during football season.  I spend most of my Sundays, on the couch, watching football.  (And EVERY TV in the house is tuned in so I don't miss a thing as I'm cooking, doing laundry or other household chores!) Yes, I am serious about my football! I have a hard time being idle so I sew, it keeps my hands busy, therefore I'm busy and I have something to show for my hours on the couch (besides a softer behind!) I've been working on a hummingbird project since last spring, keep getting side-tracked with other crafting things.  At the beginning of football season I made major progress on it.  As the season got farther along and my Niners started marching towards the playoffs I found I couldn't work on this project.  It has a small black & white chart, lots of color shading and needle changes (44 different thread colors!), took a lot of concentration. I was making a lot of mistakes, having to re-do things so I did something I rarely do, I started another project.  Usually, I can only handle one project at a time!  But this project is super-easy and I've managed to get a lot done on it in the last few weeks.

One more game to go this year and then I'll get back to my more-complicated project. I've started on one of the hummingbirds and there is another to go. 
How will I spend my Sundays now?  At work. I think there are three seasons in my life...summer, football season and tax season! And tax season is here, time to buckle down and count the days until April 15!

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