Saturday, January 11, 2014

The "Old" Pink Coat

If you know me, or have been following this blog, you know I love and treasure hand-me-downs, especially if they come from family or close friends. Most of my vintage items aren't worth much monetarily, but they are priceless to me (cue the Visa commercial!) I display them in both the traditional ways, such as on a shelf or cabinet, and in non-traditional ways. I believe old treasures should be used and appreciated, not kept in a box and saved for a "special occasion".

One of my most sentimental items is a pink corduroy baby's coat and hat.  I wore it as a baby.  I'm sure my sister wore it, too, as we were not an affluent family and my hand-me-downs became hers.  Unfortunately, as the third child, pictures of her aren't as plentiful as mine and I've yet to find a picture of her wearing this coat. This picture of my Mom and I was taken in Klamath Falls, Oregon (where my Dad was raised) in 1957.
Fast forward to 1985 and I now have a daughter of my own. Mom retrieved the coat from its storage spot and my daughter wore it on more than one occasion.
After she outgrew it, I packed it away. I presented it to her at her baby shower in 2010.
And, later that year, a third generation of babies wore that coat and hat!
Once more it has been packed away.  I hope I am around to see another little girl wearing it someday! In another 20 years or so I'll only be in my mid-70's!

In making this post, one thing I've noticed is we all have the same fat cheeks! There is no denying the mother-daughter-granddaughter relationship!

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