Monday, March 14, 2016

Lemon Tart

The last few weeks found my Hubbers and I having to spend a lot of time in San Francisco.  Doctor's visits, labs and scans, and emergency surgery meant that we drove back and forth three times and spent numerous nights in the City by the Bay. San Francisco is one of my favorite places.  However, the only sightseeing we were able to do was driving from hospital to hospital! I can say I saw parts of the City I had never seen before!

The City has wonderful restaurants, I always have loved to explore the eating scene there.  On two nights we were able to get out and  have a nice meal. At one place my Hubbers ordered a lemon tart for dessert.  Anytime he tells me he enjoys the meal and/or dessert, with the comment that I could do better, I take that as a personal challenge to recreate that dish.  So making a lemon tart went on my to-do list!
I started with homemade lemon curd (made the night before), using my favorite recipe from Martha Stewart (recipe here). I whipped 1/2 cup whipping cream and lightly folded into the curd.  It all got poured into a baked tart shell and refrigerated. My Hubbers ate two pieces so I think he enjoyed it!
The restaurant served the tart with fresh raspberries. I love raspberries so I put them on my grocery list. I forgot to buy them. My excuse is either that I'm having general anesthesia brain, tax season-tired brain, or, as we say in the drag racing circles, "all cylinders aren't firing".  But the tart would be extra good with raspberries or strawberries!

Lemon Tart

I pre-baked pie shell
Lemon curd
1/2 cup whipping cream, whipped

Prepare lemon curd, per recipe.  Refrigerate overnight.

Gently fold whipped cream into lemon curd, pour into baked pie shell.

Top with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh berries.


  1. Julie, This made my mouth water, can't wait to try your recipe. It sounds delicious. Hope you have recovered from your surgery. I'm a little fuzzy about what exactly happened because I think that is about the time I dropped off the board. You mentioned in this post about an emergency surgery, hope all is well. {{{HUGS}}}


    1. I had a malignant tumor under my left eye. It's been removed, had to remove the lower lid, do some skin grafting to replace it. My labs and PET scan are showing clear so no radiation, at this time. I go back in 3 months for follow-ups. It was scary! Why did you drop off the board?