Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Red Gate!

Unlike many areas of the country, most urban homes in California have backyard fences.  They are great for privacy and keeping the kids and pets in check.  Most of the fences are wood, which fade and deteriorate over time. As such, I'm always on a mission to enhance the areas around the fence or gate in order to take away from looking at a plain wooden fence! I use trellises, birdhouses, decorative items, anything that directs the eye to the garden area and not the background fence.
We have two side gates on our property.  One is tucked away on the right side of our house, a small brick sidewalk leading up to it. It is rarely used.  I've been telling my Hubbers for a while now that I would like this gate to have a curve and to be painted red. He's very handy and eventually gets around to working on my projects, I just have to give him the clue (have I said before what a gem he is?). A few weeks ago, he called me out front to show that he had gotten out his jigsaw and curved the top of the gate! We went to Home Depot and bought paint and I did my part of the project.  The gate now matches our front door and adds a little brightness to an otherwise dull part of the yard.
I added a wreath for a welcoming touch.  I'm on the lookout for some large, bright colored, ceramic flower pots, preferably a yellow one, to plant with annuals and further brighten up the space.  Of course, now that I'm looking, the inventory in the garden centers is severely lacking! I am patient and determined! (And I do have something planned for the empty space next to the pomegranate tree. Stay tuned!)

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