Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Sporty Car & Tea!

We have a family friend, Jackie.  She became my husband's client in 1981 but, over the years, it has progressed to much more.  She has become family. She has joined us for holidays, weddings, and showers over the years, as well as numerous meals and trips. She will be 91 next month, is in declining health both mentally and physically.  My husband is her trustee and we arrange for her caretaking and handle all her financial affairs.

Jackie is a retired school teacher and has traveled to many places during her summer vacations.  In 1965 she spent the entire summer in Europe. While in Germany she bought a brand new Mercedes 2-door convertible.  She drove it the entire summer, traveling throughout Germany, France, England, Switzerland and all points in-between.  Her original plan was to sell the car when it was time to come home. However, it only cost $200 to ship it home so that is what she did. She has driven the car to work, trips to the coast and mountains. The car is 50 years old and only has 80,000 miles on it! Due to her declining health she hasn't been able to drive the car in a while and it sat in her garage neglected.  Every now and then she would make comments that we should get the car fixed.  Over the last few years, my husband has been overseeing some repairs and it now runs like a champ!  New tires were bought for it and we scheduled a road trip so that Jackie could make another journey in her beloved car.

She loves tea so we sauntered off to Columbia State Park where we visited Kate's Teahouse (if you've not been, you need to go, just a darling place!) Her caretaker and I followed behind in a second car as Jackie and my husband led the way. When we got to the tea house Jackie had a smile on her face, from ear to ear.  It was precious!

We enjoyed a nice tea.  Our first course was an apricot scone with Devonshire cream, lemon curd and strawberry jam.  We had quiche and fruit for the main portion of the tea.  I opted for a lemon bar for dessert, Jackie had a macaroon.  Everything was amazing! She didn't leave a crumb and even asked for scones to go.  She hasn't ate like this in ages! 

Alas, the Mercedes has no air conditioning so Jackie rode home with me as our temps are now sweltering.  She told me about some of her adventures in the car, things she used to do when she was younger.  The closer we got home, the quieter she got.  It was a busy few hours and I'm sure she was looking forward to a nap!

It was fun helping her relive her younger days in the little turquoise car she loves so much!

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