Wednesday, March 11, 2015

33 Years!

Yes, I'm still alive.  There isn't much going on in my kitchen or craft room at the present time.  I've had popcorn for dinner twice this week, I'm almost embarrassed to say.  I did make a pie last night, my office staff will let me know at lunch if it was a success or not. Unless you've worked in an accounting office during tax season, you can't imagine the stress and tiredness we feel.  Five weeks from today and tax season 2015 will be a wrap! Lots to accomplish between now and then but we can see the finish line.

33 years ago, my Hubbers and I ran away to Reno to get married. Why, during tax season, you ask?  We were buying a home and needed to be married in order to qualify for a Veterans Administration loan. We got married on a Friday night and were back to work on Sunday.  Our anniversaries have been similarly celebrated.  We will go to dinner tonight and try to (1) stay awake and (2) not talk business!

One of the first cross-stitched pieces I made is a wedding sampler.  It still hangs by our bed.
These past 33 years have flown by.  Three children, four grandchildren, lots of memories. If I had it to do over again the only thing I would change would be the date! It sure would be nice to have a romantic getaway on my anniversary!

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  1. Belated Anniversary Wishes. You need to PLAN a trip for just the two of you. I know it's hard especially since the new baby was born. If you go anywhere you probably want to go see the baby but even if it's just a long weekend not too far away after tax season. You live in an area of lots and lots of possibilities. Hope you are doing better and taking some time for yourself. {{{HUGS}}}