Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not real big on, what I term, Hallmark commercialized holidays. My Hubbers and I long ago quit buying elaborate gifts for Valentine's Day. He used to send me yellow roses (my favorite) but they aren't as fun to receive when you're the one paying the Visa bill afterwards! We don't go out to dinner (the restaurants are too busy!), preferring to stay in and enjoy a nice meal alone. As the holiday falls during our busy time at work this night in has become a nice respite from the rush and stress of tax season. My Hubbers has a movie picked out for our evening, as well as a nice bottle of wine. I have two filet mignons in the fridge and a lobster tail.  I made lemon curd last night that will go into our dessert. We are looking forward to our quiet evening. We have vowed not to say one word that involves tax returns!

As we are both working today, I set our table last night.  I snuck out of the office yesterday morning and ran to the flower mart and got some beautiful red roses. I don't think there is a restaurant in town that will have a prettier table!

Though we don't buy each other gifts, we do make sure to get gifts for our grandchildren.  They were delivered earlier in the week. Books, games, cupcake supplies, new ballet clothes. We love and spoil our sweethearts! (I finished the tutu bag the night before, it's hard to squeeze in sewing time during tax season!)

My Hubbers gave me my Valentine's card this morning. The card said that often we get so wrapped up in our busy lives that we take for granted those we love, don't tell them we love them often enough. So if this Hallmark holiday means that people stop and reflect on those they cherish the most, then perhaps it's not a bad commercial holiday after all!

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