Thursday, February 26, 2015

According to the Calendar It's Still Winter!

Our central valley California winters are pretty mild to begin with, but this year has been very mild. No hard freeze, very little rain in the valley and snowpack in the mountains (our 4-year drought continues on). The days have been sunny and warm. I long to be out in the garden "puttering" but I've got another 6 weeks of long days ahead of me before I can do that!

My sister (thank you, Marcia!) got me this adorable frog for my birthday present. It's made of a few rocks and metal. I love it!  This morning I took it to its place in a backyard flower bed. While out back I took some pictures of what my "winter" garden looks like. 
Pansies, snapdragons and these Icelandic poppies grow all winter long in our climate.  I love looking out and seeing their bright color!

The hyacinths are in full bloom and the roses are beginning their spring leaf-out.  Soon these gnarly old branches will be full of leaves and beautiful rose blooms!

The jade plant, that I started from a tiny clipping many years ago, is full of its annual spring blooms.
The tulips my granddaughter and I planted before Christmas are peeking up out of the soil. And my neighbor's tulip tree has already bloomed and is dropping its blossoms.

I'm quickly getting spring fever! It needs to rain, not only to help with our area's water shortage, but so that I won't mind being stuck inside an office for the next month and a half!

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