Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's A Wrap!

A number of years ago, a friend gave me her gift wrapping tip and I've followed it ever since.  Each year I buy one large roll of wrapping paper and some basic coordinating ribbon and bows.  I wrap all the presents in the same paper. I don't have to worry about whether I have the right color bow for the package I just wrapped or whether I have enough paper on the roll for the present I want to wrap! It is a very effective way to wrap a bunch of presents and I think it also makes for a pretty presentation under the tree, everything matches. I usually don't have a lot of wrapping paper and supplies to store after the holiday season is over.  It's a system that has worked out very well for me.

I like to make gift tags, each year I do some with the same general theme.  This year snowflakes is what I've been making. I know it's more cost-effective and takes less time to just buy some tags but I find this a rather therapeutic endeavor. I usually make my tags during football games on Sundays.  I'm being productive and it helps to keep me from throwing things at the TV when my 49ers are losing (ugh, what a dud of a season we are having!)
Christmas is pretty much a wrap for us, we celebrated with the grandchildren and our daughters last weekend. December 2014 finds us with many scheduling conflicts, such as fathers' visitation schedules, in-law (and out-law) holiday plans and two of the granddaughters are in the Nutcracker ballet so their days are packed with rehearsals and performances. We are expecting grandbaby #4 in a week or so, and will be traveling four hours for the delivery.  We didn't want to chance having a family gathering and getting "the I'm in labor phone call". So, we had our dinner and gift opening a little early. I find that as our family grows we just have to be flexible! Due to the crazy schedule I did very minimal decorating, just a few kid-friendly decorations. I didn't put up our big Christmas tree, just a small one. Now that I am done with shopping and wrapping, won't be cooking Christmas dinner or brunch, and won't have a lot of undecorating to do I am finding myself feeling quite relaxed. All I need to make this Christmas complete is a healthy grandson!

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