Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hungry Caterpillar Wrapping Paper

Baby shower season is starting in our family.  Our fourth grandchild, and first boy, is due in December. I've been buying and making presents for months now. The first shower was today. So. Much. Fun. 

I've been reading The Hungry Caterpillar to Granddaughter #3 a lot lately. We always do some crafting when she comes over so I thought it would be cute to make wrapping paper with caterpillars to tie into the book and also get her involved with the upcoming birth of her new cousin. Last night we got the supplies out and got to work. She had fun painting and we talked all about Baby Jakey, when she was going to get to hold him, how much longer he was going to be in his Mommy's tummy, how she was going to teach him to swim (not sure why this was so important!) We had a nice time chatting, laughing and painting.  And the wrapping paper turned out cute, too! We have a present ready so next time she is here we will grab out the tape and ribbon and wrap things up!
We used round stencil brushes to make the circle shapes of the caterpillar, very easy for little hands to deal with!

After the paint dried, we added legs and antennas with colored markers.


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