Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthday Cookies!

Our youngest granddaughter celebrated her fourth birthday recently.  The celebrations started with the first party on Saturday, another party on Sunday, and carried on through her actual birthday on Tuesday. How fun to be four! We should all celebrate our birthdays in such fashion instead of worrying about getting old!

We hosted a small family swim party. For months she had been telling me she wanted a "Cinderelly" party. The day of the party she looked around at the decorations and said "but I want an Ariel party".  Too late, kid, Cinderella it was!

I made Cinderella glass slipper sugar cookies to give out to our guests. These were easy to make; one color of frosting and a sprinkle of sparkles.
She had ballet class on the day of her birthday so I made cupcake-shaped cookies to give to her fellow ballerinas.  Though not a hard design, they took a while to make because of the multiple colors and having to let things dry between design elements.  
I had plenty to keep my occupied this day as I was tuned in to the biggest drag race of the year. Even though I spent all morning in the kitchen decorating cookies it didn't seem that long.
I ordered a few more cookie cutters the other day, have more ideas in my always-jumbled mind! Next I need to conquer the clutter that my cookie cutter collection is becoming!

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