Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Gift Tags

I'm an inexperienced, but enthusiastic, stamper and paper-crafter. I refer to my time doing this as "playing with paper".  I have many supplies such as stamping pads, punches, dies and die cutter, paper cutter, etc.  With the little I've produced in the way of paper crafting my cost-per-product is probably outrageous but that's not the point, right?!! I've found it to be another way to unwind and let my creative spirit out for some play.

For the last few years I've made my own Christmas gift tags.  This year, in keeping with the gingerbread theme that has been prevalent at my home lately, I incorporated gingerbread men in my tags. I stamped the images and, using my die cutter, I cut out the tags and the gingerbread man (using the very nifty magnetic platform from Stampin' Up!)  A little decorative tape, bakers twine, a red button and rhinestone heart and the tags are done. Original and I had fun (yes, I know, I am easily amused!)

A friend gave me her gift wrapping tip a number of years ago and it's worked well for me.  I buy a huge roll of paper and wrap all the presents in the same paper.  No more worrying about what bow goes with which paper, do I have enough on this roll to wrap a certain package, etc.  I usually buy a pretty generic paper.  This roll has lasted me three years.  Each year I mix up the ribbons and tags and no one knows I'm using the same paper.  It also helps with storage issues, too, only one roll to store.  I'm done with shopping and wrapping. The granddaughters have been counting their presents and wondering what's in them. Less than 2 weeks to Christmas!

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