Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Gardening

It was a nice morning to be doing yard chores, not too hot yet, slight breeze, the birds & bees flitting about making all sorts of noise! I find working in my flower beds to be relaxing and restoring to my soul.

An apricot colored hibiscus with a deep pink center.  My cheapo camera doesn't show the vibrancy of the colors!

My first-ever topiary experiment! The frame is of a cocker spaniel, the only dogs our family has had.
Vinca in an old wine barrel.  At one time it was a water fountain, with water coming out of a galvanized watering can into the barrel.  We had two problems, the cans kept rusting out and the wine barrel wouldn't hold the water well. So it's now a planter!
Morning glory vine.  I didn't plant seeds this year, this came up all on its own!
The sunflower heads are almost ready to open!  They have gotten huge this year!
Coneflower, starting their mid-summer petal drooping. 
Lantana.  Notice how there are only flowers on one side?  Harley eats the flowers off this bush! Why is beyond me!


  1. Your garden looks beautiful, Julie. It has gotten so ver hot and humid here that I have beds that are being taken over by weeds. It's just too hot to get in the garden. I enjoyed your post.


    1. Thank you, Carolyn! It's been quite warm here but we don't have your humidity. I get my yard chores done early in the morning or late at night!